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Occasionally, we see historical breakthroughs that change perception of our past. As a rule, history is written by the victors and records reflect that. The research done by an impassioned lady called Phillipa into Richard III was inspiring – sheer determination drove her to fulfil her passion in finding his burial place and change historical perspective. The coincidence of the letter “R” over the first section they excavated and her vibes that it was the right spot was extraordinary. The chances of his body being found under a car park in a highly urban area was incredibly remote. I particularly enjoyed the Today programme quip that they had a hunch that the pre – press release that they had confirmed the discovery was a lovely example of intelligent humour. Leicester have taken ownership of being the king’s final resting place but I do question whether York or London should be Richard III’s final resting place as a Yorkist and as England’s capital city where most monarchs are laid to rest.

The latest census information presented some pivotal data regarding linguistics in England and Wales. Polish is now spoken by 546,000 people in England and Wales. Welsh is spoken by 562,000 people and has historically always been the second most popular language spoken in England and Wales. As a fluent Welsh speaker, I see it as a pivotal moment that the native language of the Celts will probably be overtaken by a foreign language by the next census.

And finally, our historical penny is at risk. Apparently, it costs more to produce a penny coin than it is worth. Other countries have abandoned the penny but inevitably prices have been rounded up, not down. This is so reminiscent of decimalisation and will be a sad day when it happens.

With the shortest month almost over already, time is marching on very quickly –here’s to a warmer spring!

Best wishes to you all,

Awen Little

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