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In the last month, I have had a real throwback to the Seventies. The highlight of this was a junior school reunion in my home town. It was a lovely event with a dozen of us from all over the country ranging from myself in Nottingham to one classmate now in Kent and one now in Perth turning up. It was lovely to reminisce and see where people had ended up. I had not seen most of them since leaving junior school but recognised every single one there as soon as they walked through the door. What was strange, though, was the response of some parents regarding the event. The person who organised the event tried very hard to track everyone down but had some strange reactions ranging from jealous partners suspicious about his motives to parents refusing to pass on the message about the reunion stating that their children would not be interested. For those of us who were there, however, we stood up to give a short talk on our lives now over numerous bottles of vino and had a great time.

The seventies theme continued with some great concerts from seventies stars. If you are a Brian May fan, I highly recommend the gigs he does with Kerry Ellis. They did a fantastic set of small, intimate acoustic gigs in small venues around the south of the country. The first one was so good we went to see it again at the end of the tour. The feedback on the tour was fantastic and they are talking about potentially doing a series of gigs in the north next. This was followed by a night with Slade and Sweet at the Concert Hall – a real blast from the past! The gig ended with Slade’s wonderful “Merry Christmas Everybody” which was a great way to kick – start Christmas cheer.

And finally, nearly time for Santa again!!! I’m ready for a new year after a challenging 2012 – being made redundant twice in a year is not fun so I want Santa to sort out a new job for me in the new year...

Ode to Christmas

Please send Santa to me soon

I’ve been good all year

Books, CD’s and a few chocs

Will help with festive cheer

Tree and mistletoe all up

Holly sprigs in place

Best wishes to you one and all

Make Christmas 2012 ace

Very best wishes to you all for a great festive season and a happy new year for 2013.

Awen Little

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